We respect your privacy and only process your personal information for the purposes for which you have provided the data and in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act. 


1. Company information 

Company name:

Conquer Performance Wear

Linie 500
7325DZ Apeldoorn 

2. E-mail addresss

a. We can, in the context of an agreement, send you special offers in regard to relatable products and services, unless you have shown to be unwilling to receive these special offers. If you are unwilling, you can let us know when you provide us your personal information. Moreover, in every bit of communication, you will be offered the option to refuse further use of your e-mailadres under the same conditions.

b. When collecting your email address for reasons other than under an agreement, it shall not be used for the transmission of unsolicited communications, unless you have given permission.



3. Mail address 

We will only use your mail address for the delivery of information which has been requested by you.



4. Telephone number

We will not use your telephone number for commercial purposes.



5. Other personal information 

Other personal information will only be processed (via cookies, reading peripherals or otherwise) if:


1. The data processing is a necessity for:

a. The implementation of an agreement concluded with you;

b. The correct implementation of a public law duty;

c. The defense of our legitimate interests (unless your fundamental rights and liberties prevail over this interest), or;


2. You have given permission for the processing during the collecting.


We will store your data no longer than necessary for the processing of the intended purposes.



6. Sensitive data

The collected data will only be internally used and will not be given to other organisations.



7. Safety transmitting and receiving data

a. If we transmit or receive your data on our website, we will always use code techniques which are seen as the standard in the IT-sector.

b. If we receive or transmit certain critical data, such as financial or healthcare related data, then we will use a secured server. You will be notified of this by a pop-up on your screen.

c. We have taken the necessary precautions to prevent potentional loss, unlawful processing or adaptation of data received on our website.



8. Safety storage of information 

Safety criteria.


a. On the webpage where you provide your personal information, a secure connection is used.

b. We always save hashed versions of your password.

c. We save the lowest amount of personal information possible and make sure that no especially sensitive personal information is stored in our database, unless it is absolutely necessary.

d. We take technical and organisational measures to avoid the loss or unlawful processing of information. We guarantee a fitting security level and let our website be periodically tested.

e. All systems which store and process personal information are provided with antivirus software and up-to-date security related software as provided by the supplier of the software.

f. At least twice a year our website is tested on possible vulnerabilities from the 'OWASP' top ten.



9. Access to your information 

On request, we will supply visitors of our website with further information regarding the processing of their personal information. Possible incorrect information can be adjusted, supplemented or deleted. If you wish to have access to this information, or if you wish to improve your personal information, then please reach out to us via the contact information which is mentioned below.



10. Contact

If you wish to reply to our Privacy Policy, you can do so by contacting the following email address: contact@conquerperformancewear.com.


This Privacy Statement is subject to change and can be done so at any time. Possible adaptations will be published and you will be not be notified.