What are cookies?

Websites make use of useful techniques in order to improve the user friendliness and accessibility of the website. The most commonly used techniques are cookies and scripts (from now on referred to as 'cookies'). Cookies can be used by website owners or by third parties, such as advertisers, who communicate through the website you are visiting.


Making use of cookies is entirely safe. No personal information, such as a telephone number or an e-mailadres, can be traced via cookies. Therefore, cookies can not be used for e-mail and telemarketing actions.


We find it of great importance that you are aware which cookies our website uses and for what purposes. Namely because we want to guarantee both your privacy and the user friendliness of our website. Continue reading to learn more about the cookies used by, and through, our website and the purposes of these cookies.



Browser settings

You can change your browser settings to prevent automatic acceptance of cookies. You will then be shown a warning whenever ever a website wants to make use of cookies. You can also change the browsers settings to disable all, or only third party, cookies. You can also erase cookies which have been previously placed. Be aware that you will need to change your settings for each browser and computer individually.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a properly working website if you choose to disable the use of cookies. It is possible for certain parts of websites, or even entire websites, to become inaccesible. Furthermore, refusing cookies does not mean you will not be shown advertisements anymore. The advertisements will still be shown, only not filtered on your interests and they will be more repetitive.


If necessary, check the help function of your browser or use the links below, which explain how you can control cookies via your browser.

- Chrome

- Firefox

- Safari

- Internet Explorer 7 en 8

- Internet Explorer 9



Functional cookies

Cookies which ensure that our website functions properly.


We use cookies to ensure the functionality of our website, by:

  • remembering information which you provide on our pages, like adding products to your shopping cart and the checkout screen;
  • optimising the website;
  • saving your preferences, like language, location, shop filters etc.;
  • reading your browser settings to enable an optima view of our website on your screen;
  • excluding possible misuse of our website and services.




Cookies used to track the use of our website.


To determine which parts of our website are of most value to our customers, we continually attempt to measure, with the help of Google Analytics, how many customers visit our website and which parts of the website are visited the most. For these measurements, we use cookies.


The gathered information is used to create statistics. These statistics provide insight in the amount of page views, the places where customers spend most of their visiting time etc. This allows us to optimise the structure, navigation and content of our website. The statistics and other reports are not traced back to individuals.


We use cookies to:


  • track the amount of visitors on our webpages;
  • track the amount of time each visitor spends on our webpages;
  • decide the order in which a customer visits the different pages of our website;
  • decide which parts of our website require adjustment;
  • optimise the website.



Social media

Cookies used to share the content of our website via social media.


The articles and videos which you have viewed on our website can be shared via social media. To ensure the functionality of these buttons, cross-border cookies of the social media parties are being used. This way you can easily recognise the buttons when you want to share an article or video.


These cookies enable:


1. Users who are logged in on the selected social media can share certain content of our website directly onto their own social media platforms.


For further information regarding the cookies placed by social media parties and the possible data they collect with these cookies, we redirect you to the statements made by these parties on their own websites, see the links below. These statements can be subject to change. Please note that Conquer Performance Wear has no influence on the cookie policy of these parties.





Cookies used to show advertisements.


Cookies which allow advertisements being shown on channels such as Social Media and Google are placed on our website. We show these advertisements because, after analysis, we think these advertisements are very relevant for you.


Some advertisements make use of cookies.


These cookies enables to keep track:

  1. of the advertisements you have already seen, in order to prevent a repetitive showing of advertisements.
  2. of the amount of visitors who click on the advertisement, allowing us to act if the advertisement is not interesting enough.
  3. of the amount of orders taking place through the advertisement for the purpose of efficiency control.


If these cookies are disabled and therefore not used, you will still be shown advertisements. These kind of advertisements do not use cookies making them more generalised, less personal and more repetitive.


Other / unforseen cookies

Because of the way the internet and websites work, it may be possible that we do not always have insight in the cookies which are placed on our website though third parties. This is usually the case when our webpages contain ‘embedded elements’. Examples are texts, documents, images our movies which are stored at a different party, but shown on our website.


If you happen to find these kind of cookies on our website, which do not belong in the aforementioned categories, please let us know. Or you could directly reach out to the third party and ask which cookies they place, why they do it, what the service life of the cookie is and on what way they guarantee your privacy.