We have been quiet for a while. Very quiet...

Quiet on our website...

Quiet on Facebook...

Quiet on Instagram....

A bit humbled with what is happening in the world.


It's fair to say that as company we also have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seriously affected. We had to close our offices during lockdown.

Our supply chain was interupted. With very low inventory as a result.


But there is a bright future ahead of us...

From now on we can look at the horizon!

Our new website is live.

Watch these pages for some more news shortly.

New promotions, new styles and colors. We're very exited!


So from all of us at CPW, a huge thank you to our customers and partners!

For your patience! For your loyalty! For your support!

We're very thankful for the journey with you.

Stay safe!


November 26, 2020 — Tom Leys